Jinbe’s Fate Revealed: Will He Return To Wano?

Jinbe's fate

Hey you all! Hope you all are doing fine. In this post, I’ll be talking about Jinbe’s fate. We know that he didn’t escape for certain with the rest of the Strawhats crew and decided to stay back and hold Big Mom and her crew just so his crewmates could escape. It is almost certain that Big Mom has killed him but there are other possibilities as well that I’ll discuss in this post.

Let’s begin this post regarding Jinbe’s fate and whether or not will he return in Wano or not

Jinbe is the newest member of the Strawhat Pirates. He is a former Schichibukai of the World Government. Jinbe is an exceptional user of Fishman Karate, and his powers and abilities double when he is in the sea.
jinbe return
While he told Monkey D. Luffy his captain that he’ll stay back and try to stop Big Mom and buy them some time. Luffy, made him promise that he shall meet them at Wano country. But if we think logically Jinbe has no chance of surviving against Big Mom Pirates.

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