The Incredible Truth About Wano Kuni That Nobody Knows – Revealed

Also, that strange octopus made sure to make Luffy fall in that whirlpool, like that was the entrance he needed to go for! Going further, we know O-Kiku reached Kuri, although we don’t know from where, only a month ago.
wano kuni
And she denies Yokozuna, the sumo fighter, saying she’s afraid they came from different worlds. Anyway, this idea of a parallel “kuni” brings a new meaning to the sentence “open the borders of Wano”. It becomes “connect both our world’s into one”.

As Oden’s dying wish, it has to be something more important than just having trades with other countries.
secret of wano
Not to say it would play a wonderful metaphorical meaning, a place “lost in time” which keeps old costumes and struggles to the idea of changes that comes with the flow of time.

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