The Incredible Truth About Wano Kuni That Nobody Knows – Revealed

The young minks Nekomamushi and Inuarashi ran all the way to Zou in blue sea “world”, with the mission to prepare the army of minks for the combat when the time comes in the future.

wano country secret
Wano Country

They’re on bad terms since then, as they feel guilty of not being able to protect Oden. Momonosuke, alongside samurais, by the use of some trick, “jumped” to the blue seas “world” around 20 years in the future, in order to keep himself safe. Meanwhile, the other retainers worked for 20 years on gathering forces to face Kaido and shogun in Wano again.

In Momo’s own time reference, it’s been no more than a few months that his father was killed and a few years since he met Roger. For Nekomamushi, Inuarashi, and Hitetsu who’s been waiting for the return of Kozuki clan to Wano, it’s been more than 20 years.
wano country
As I told you, the idea may be eccentric, but explains all the fishy things. Not believing it is absolutely reasonable, but I ask you otherwise, how do you explain everything? Not to mention that, despite we’re in the very beginning of Wano kuni arc, we already have a bunch of fishy things. Why is it we’ve never seen anyone reaching Wano’s coast in “normal means”. Luffy, and probably Ace, was sucked by a mysterious whirlpool and woke up in Kuri, like it was a portal or something.

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