Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back with another brand-new post regarding the One Piece universe. In this post I’ll be trying to explain the inconsistencies in the story regarding the information pertaining to Wano kuni. Also, this post contains some possible Spoilers. So, be aware who don’t want to get close to spoilers. This theory has been put forward by Marco Opt, so go ahead an give him a follow.

Let’s begin this post regarding truth about Wano Kuni

We’ve seen ships traveling in sky oceans, an underwater country of mermaids, and a huge city on the back of a 1000-year-old elephant. More than the idea itself, we pay attention to the research in manga panels and arguments.
wano kuni
There is something in one piece plot that has been bothering us for ages. There are too many suspicious quotes/events involving Wano kuni that do not seem to match the story timeline. Now that we’ve reached Wano kuni, these timeline inconsistencies are increasing. If Oden was dethroned more than 29 years ago and Kuri is on very bad terms since then, why did it take 29 years to look for the mink tribe’s help? Judging by Nekomamushi’s quote back in Zou and some other small hints, Oden’s assassination happened in no more than a few months ago.

Momonusuke is just 8 years old, which means Oden had him more than a decade after being dethroned. After Oden’s death a few months ago, Momonosuke left Wano with Kanjuro, Kinemon and Raizo.
wano country
Now’s when the inconsistencies start to grow considerably crazy. After saying that Ace reached Kuri around 4 years ago, Hitetsu who’s very likely a Kozuki clan retainer, said he also has been waiting for someone for a very long time.

If Hitetsu is waiting for Momonosuke to return with the backup, would just a few months since his departure be “a very long time”? Now the greatest inconsistencies back in Zou, Momo who’s 8 said he met Roger, who died around 24 years ago.
wano arc
Not only that, but he was very passionate about how Nekomamushi and Inuarashi used to be close friends, as if he has seen it by himself. But the point is that Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are on bad terms for more than 20 years and have been, since then, defending the city. The date matches with the fall of Kozuki family more than 20 years ago, but how would it be possible for Momonosuke to see them on good terms before that? And the weird timeline doesn’t stop. Kinemon knows Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, and is surprised they’re still alive.

Inuarashi talked about “those words from that day”. Inu and Neko passionately repeat the last words from Oden as if they heard it themselves during his execution, supposedly a few months ago. Things simply don’t match.
wano kuni
You can think as much as you please, but there’s no “natural” way to match all the dates, specially the ones regarding Momonusuke. But, if we assume an eccentric hypothesis, everything fits perfectly.

Wano kuni is a “distinguished existence” from the blue seas. A forbidden land with a timeline of its own! Traveling from one “world” to the other may allow one to “jump” into a different position in its timeline.
wano country
More than 24 years ago, Oden ventured the seas with Gol D Roger and the young minks Nekomashi and Inuarashi. During this time, they eventually stepped in Wano, where a young 1-3 years old Momonusuke came to know everyone. A few years after Roger’s execution around 24 years ago, Oden was murdered by Kaido and the shogun in front of the 7-8 years old Momonusuke. The other retainers from Kozuki family left behind a mission: “open the borders of Wano”.

The young minks Nekomamushi and Inuarashi ran all the way to Zou in blue sea “world”, with the mission to prepare the army of minks for the combat when the time comes in the future.

wano country secret
Wano Country

They’re on bad terms since then, as they feel guilty of not being able to protect Oden. Momonosuke, alongside samurais, by the use of some trick, “jumped” to the blue seas “world” around 20 years in the future, in order to keep himself safe. Meanwhile, the other retainers worked for 20 years on gathering forces to face Kaido and shogun in Wano again.

In Momo’s own time reference, it’s been no more than a few months that his father was killed and a few years since he met Roger. For Nekomamushi, Inuarashi, and Hitetsu who’s been waiting for the return of Kozuki clan to Wano, it’s been more than 20 years.
wano country
As I told you, the idea may be eccentric, but explains all the fishy things. Not believing it is absolutely reasonable, but I ask you otherwise, how do you explain everything? Not to mention that, despite we’re in the very beginning of Wano kuni arc, we already have a bunch of fishy things. Why is it we’ve never seen anyone reaching Wano’s coast in “normal means”. Luffy, and probably Ace, was sucked by a mysterious whirlpool and woke up in Kuri, like it was a portal or something.

Also, that strange octopus made sure to make Luffy fall in that whirlpool, like that was the entrance he needed to go for! Going further, we know O-Kiku reached Kuri, although we don’t know from where, only a month ago.
wano kuni
And she denies Yokozuna, the sumo fighter, saying she’s afraid they came from different worlds. Anyway, this idea of a parallel “kuni” brings a new meaning to the sentence “open the borders of Wano”. It becomes “connect both our world’s into one”.

As Oden’s dying wish, it has to be something more important than just having trades with other countries.
secret of wano
Not to say it would play a wonderful metaphorical meaning, a place “lost in time” which keeps old costumes and struggles to the idea of changes that comes with the flow of time.

That is it from today’s post on the truth about Wano country. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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