The Incredible Truth About Wano Kuni That Nobody Knows – Revealed

Inuarashi talked about “those words from that day”. Inu and Neko passionately repeat the last words from Oden as if they heard it themselves during his execution, supposedly a few months ago. Things simply don’t match.
wano kuni
You can think as much as you please, but there’s no “natural” way to match all the dates, specially the ones regarding Momonusuke. But, if we assume an eccentric hypothesis, everything fits perfectly.

Wano kuni is a “distinguished existence” from the blue seas. A forbidden land with a timeline of its own! Traveling from one “world” to the other may allow one to “jump” into a different position in its timeline.
wano country
More than 24 years ago, Oden ventured the seas with Gol D Roger and the young minks Nekomashi and Inuarashi. During this time, they eventually stepped in Wano, where a young 1-3 years old Momonusuke came to know everyone. A few years after Roger’s execution around 24 years ago, Oden was murdered by Kaido and the shogun in front of the 7-8 years old Momonusuke. The other retainers from Kozuki family left behind a mission: “open the borders of Wano”.

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