The Incredible Truth About Wano Kuni That Nobody Knows – Revealed

Wano kuni

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back with another brand-new post regarding the One Piece universe. In this post I’ll be trying to explain the inconsistencies in the story regarding the information pertaining to Wano kuni. Also, this post contains some possible Spoilers. So, be aware who don’t want to get close to spoilers. This theory has been put forward by Marco Opt, so go ahead an give him a follow.

Let’s begin this post regarding truth about Wano Kuni

We’ve seen ships traveling in sky oceans, an underwater country of mermaids, and a huge city on the back of a 1000-year-old elephant. More than the idea itself, we pay attention to the research in manga panels and arguments.
wano kuni
There is something in one piece plot that has been bothering us for ages. There are too many suspicious quotes/events involving Wano kuni that do not seem to match the story timeline. Now that we’ve reached Wano kuni, these timeline inconsistencies are increasing. If Oden was dethroned more than 29 years ago and Kuri is on very bad terms since then, why did it take 29 years to look for the mink tribe’s help? Judging by Nekomamushi’s quote back in Zou and some other small hints, Oden’s assassination happened in no more than a few months ago.

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