Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing the real identity of Lord Ku in Boruto anime. Ku is a new mysterious character in Boruto series. He seems to be the main villain in Mitsuki arc. We have no clue who he is and what his background is thus far as his face is covered up at all times but I have a theory about who this character might be.

Let’s begin this post regarding real identity of Lord Ku in Boruto series

Right now we are in the midst of the Mitsuki arc in the anime. We know now that anime is no filler as Ikemoto himself has said in the latest interview that anime and manga will concentrate on different things for some time and anime will eventually adapt manga but just not now.
Mitsuki arc
Let us talk about what we have seen in this arc thus far. We have seen more synthetic humans, we have seen Boruto’s summoning Garaga being introduced, we have seen a new villain in Lord Ku. Now, there are some things that have occupied my head for some time.

First, why is Lord Ku hiding his face? Why was Garaga’s previous summoner shown? How does Kurotsuchi know Ku’s face? Now, let us talk about these things in detail.
lord ku
We saw that Garaga’s right eye was damaged by his previous summoner and it is clear that this summoner of hailed from Iwagakure village.

In my opinion, this Iwagakure shinobi did not only betray Garaga but, also his homeland. I think that this shinobi might be Lord Ku. He keeps his face hidden as if that nobody should know how he looks.
lord ku identity
Now, coming to the detail that how did Kurotsuchi lose so easily to a rogue shinobi, I mean she is a Kage right? The first thing Ku told her was that she needed to step down as the Tsuchikage. He addressed her as if he knew her and even with his face covered up she recognised him.

This indicates that she knew this guy pretty closely. Maybe she was still in shock and due to this fact lost her concentration and got captured.
Kurotsuchi brother
Remember when Onoki was shown in one of the episodes where he taught Boruto some valuable lessons. He kept on mentioning his grandson time and again.

Well, my theory is that Lord Ku, Garaga’s summoner and Onoki’s grandson are all connected and are the same person.
Boruto anime
It makes sense if a kage level shinobi like Kurotsuchi was captured by some random rogue shinobi only if she was in too much of a shock. It seemed that she was still in shock when she was shown in prison. I think that she might have had a strong bond with the guy, after all, he could be her long-lost brother.

If you guys have noticed, Lord Ku told her to step down as Tsuchikage as if he had wanted to be the Kage himself as if he some right to be the Kage.
Boruto Uzumaki
I’m almost certain that this guy is the grandson of Onoki. Also, in the upcoming episodes now the Konohagakure shinobi have to rescue Kurotsuchi as well.

We know at the end of the arc Mitsuki is going to change sides and go back in Boruto’s corner. It is obvious that Boruto and Sarada are just not strong enough to face Kokuyo, Sekei, and others.
lord ku
So, it is evident that Mitsuki will have to surely use his Sage Transformation mode in the end. But will Mitsuki fight Kokuyo and others or Lord Ku? Even if Mitsuki takes on these synthetic humans, I do not think that he can take on Lord Ku all by himself.

So, I’m hoping that we get to see Konohamaru also joining in this arc. I want Konohamaru to come and save Mitsuki from Lord Ku. This Ku seems to be a pretty powerful enemy as he even captured a kage level shinobi.
Konohamaru sage mode
I’m hoping that Konohamaru might use the Sage Mode of Mount Myōboku against Lord Ku and defeating him all end up. This will also earn him some stars of respect as well.

That is it from today’s post real identity of Lord Ku in Boruto series. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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