The Identity of Konohagakure’s Traitor – Revealed

Hey everyone! I’m here at TheAnimeScrolls to discuss a brand new interesting theory about Konohagakure’s Traitor. Well, this theory contains spoilers so those who do not like to read spoilers,Konohagakure's Traitor this is not a theory for you. Now, coming to today’s theory. We all have seen that Ao, a former shinobi of Kirigakure has joined Kara.

At this point, it is known that the Kara organisation consists of inner members, and outer members. Inner members seem to be very important for the organisation headed by Jigen.Konohagakure's Traitor Thus far, only one outer member of Kara organisation has been disclosed that is Ao. Well, I cannot help but wonder if has at least one outer member in all the five hidden villages.

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