The Identity Of Momonosuke’s Sister Hiyori – Komurasaki Or OTama?

Also, in One Piece chapter 932, we saw Komurasaki revealing that she is the daughter of a samurai openly. Well, Oden Kozuki was certainly a Samurai as well.
So, this could be the scenario. Toki Kozuki could easily have handed over Hiyori Kozuki to Kyoshiro and told him to live under hiding and survive and gather intel on Orochi.

Kyoshiro has managed to bring her up although his upbringing might not seem morally correct as she is now a prostitute.
Kurozumi Orochi
However, there could easily have been a reason behind this as well. But most importantly, he knows almost everything about not only Kurozumi Orochi but also Yonko Kaido. Kyoshiro is deeply involved in the affairs of Wano. Kyoshiro’s family doesn’t include blood-related members as he revealed those who have shared a cup of sake with him become his family. This is a simple answer to those who might have thought if he was a retainer how could he possibly have a family. So, it seems clear that Komurasaki is Hiyori Kozuki.

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