The Identity Of Momonosuke’s Sister Hiyori – Komurasaki Or OTama?

She is known as the most beautiful woman in the country and Shogun Kurozumi Orochi seems to have a liking for her, and that too a big one.
In of the recent chapters, we saw Momonusuke Kozuki revealing that his sister would be 26 years old by now. This was revealed in the same chapter in which Komurasaki debuted and that certainly is strange because I think Oda is making this way too obvious at this point.

This could be a hint that Hiyori Kozuki did not time travel at all. Also, Komurasaki’s age seems to be around 26 as well.
Kozuki Hiyori
She too has been looked after by a certain guardian known as Kyoshiro. It was revealed in One Piece chapter 932 that Kyoshiro has been looking after Komurasaki since she was a kid. He has, in simple words, looked after her like a parent. This could mean that Kyoshiro is another retainer of the Kozuki family? Or maybe he took her in as a party of his family and since he cares about his family deeply, he protects her. This seems to be a case similar to Tenguyama Hitetsu and OTama.

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