The Identity Of Momonosuke’s Sister Hiyori – Komurasaki Or OTama?


Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing what is the identity of Momonosuke’s sister Hiyori? Is she OTama or is she Komurasaki? This is one of the ongoing mysteries of the One Piece universe. We know that Hiyori Kozuki must have survived because her body wasn’t found, but whether she too time travelled or not remains to be seen.

Let’s begin this post regarding the Identity of Momonusuke’s sister – Komurasaki or OTama

As we saw in the flashback, Toki Kozuki was the one who sent Momonosuke Kozuki and others into the future. But it was not revealed whether Toki Kozuki sent Hiyori Kozuki into the future as well or not.
Kozuki Hiyori
At that time she was still an infant. I’ll be discussing both the scenarios of Hiyori Kozuki being OTama and also she being Komurasaki. First of all, let us discuss the scenario of her being OTama. Toki couldn’t send her with Momonusuke because she wouldn’t survive the war as she was just an infant.

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