A Huge Detail You Didn’t Notice About Luffy And Katakuri

Luffy and Katakuri are the ones who have taken all the spot light in the manga. Their fight in the mirror world is becoming more and more intense, as well as interesting. Katakuri right now is stronger than Luffy, and is by far the strongest opponent that Luffy has faced so far, after Big Mom. He has beaten Luffy to a pulp, and no other antagonist in the series has done this much damage to Luffy; not even the Admirals. While I was reading the manga, I noticed a thing that was amazing. Luffy is an exact copy of Katakuri. In this article, i will be talking about how Luffy and Katakuri are similar.
Let’s begin

First of all let’s talk about Katakuri, and Luffy. Katakuri is the second strongest member of the Big Mom Pirates, and is the strongest among the Sweet Commanders. On the other hand Luffy is the captain of the Strawhat Pirates and is also a Supernova of his Generation. Both of them met each other at Whole Cake Island Arc, and they are currently fighting each other in the Mirror World. Now that we have cleared this, let us talk about how they are so similar to each other.



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