Hobbies Of The Members Of Konoha 11

The Konoha 11 was formed after Sasuke defected from the Village. It comprises of members of Team 7, Team 10, Team 8 and also Team Guy. So, today I decided to give you some extra information about the hobbies of Konoha 11. I hope you enjoy it!

11. Shino Aburame- Konoha 11
Shino’s hobbies are entomology, and also collecting new specimens for his insect collection. As seen also in his Tsukuyomi dream, Shino was very happy to find a new species of insects.
10. Kiba Inazuka- img_20161105_223948
Kiba’s hobby is to take walks with his pet Akamaru.
9. Hinata Hyƫga- 20161105193656
Hinata’s hobby is pressing flowers, which is a weird one.


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