Yeah that’s right folks the Pokemon fever is on. Recently I have been doing the catch up with Pokemon Manga and the Games on Nintendo 3DS. It reignited the flames of excitement i have in the past. Over the years Pokemon Manga and the Games has only become better in totality of Graphics, Story-line and game mechanics. Today However we are gonna have talk about a theory which is well in support from the Manga. This theory revolves around the Unova region games Pokemon Black & White and their remakes Pokemon Black 2 & White 2. Henceforth I will be writing articles on Manga and the Games so guys stay in tune. This article is on missing Hilbert & Hilda in Generation 5 remakes.

So folks those of you who have played both the main game & remakes would know of the peculiarities I am talking about here.(If you don’t know or haven’t played the games check out the above Video. Proto Mario has given the background as well as an explanation). Yeah that’s right I am talking about the absence of previous character Hilbert and Hilda in the remakes. Even the Player’s mother of these two character doesn’t know of their whereabouts despite them having Xtransceiver. She only says that they went on an adventure to search for N.

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However most people don’t know that the Titular Games are actually spoilers for the Manga. Yeah that’s right the story of the games is actually basis for the Manga. The Last few volumes of Black And White Chapter reveal the answer to our question. In the Last Volume the protagonist Black defeats Champion N and his Zekrom after grueling combat along side Reshiram. After the fight both Zekrom & N are out & N’s Father Ghetsis challenges Black just like in the Game While revealing his intentions. However Black defeats him with his Party and pins him to ground so that local authorities would come later and arrest him. Reshiram starts to revert into the White Ball after accomplishing the task of defeating the other Hero.

Black bade goodbye to Reshiram whilst he meets up with his friend White. As they are about to leave Ghetsis launches surprise attack on Black thanks to Scientist Colress. Ghetsis uses Beheeyem to push Black into that reverting White Ball. Black realizes whats about to happen and pushes White out of Harms way. Than He makes the promotional campaign as he promised white to do so after becoming Champion. The White Ball than leaves the arena while White watches it helplessly floating away.

Proto Mario in his video says that Ghetsis actually murders them however that’s not the case. In the recent Manga chapter of Pokemon Black and White 2, White finds the White Ball in Entralink. In this mysterious place none of technological gadgets work as it is accessed through Dreams. Fennel guides White to Black’s location and N shows up at the same time demanding her to leave the ball alone. The Chapter end in cliffhanger however we can safely conclude that protagonists, Hilbert & Hilda are actually alive from this.

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