Top 10 Highest Bounties in Strawhat Grand Fleet

4. Sanji/Cavendish
Vinsmoke Sanji
Sanj is a member of the Strawhat Pirates and is one of their main fighters. He is a kick fighter which means Sanji only uses his legs in battle. His kicks are extremely powerful and were strong even to send Vergo flying into the wall. At Whole Cake island, Sanji has fought many times with Daifuku and was able to kick Oven with ease. Cavendish is the captain of the Beautiful Pirates and is the first Division Commander of the Strawhat Grand Fleet. He is the Super Rookie of his Generation and holds a grudge against the Worst Generation. Cavendish is a prodigious swordsman whose skills were even praised by a Vice Admiral and add to his arsenal he has “Hakuba”. Hakuba is the other personality that is within Cavendish, it takes control when Cavendish is asleep. In that form, Cavendish can’t be seen with naked eyes and it is still hard to see him with Observation Haki. In Dressrosa arc, Cavendish defeated 100 people in the coliseum with ease, he effortless defeated Dellinger and was able to drive Gladius into a corner.

Bounty: 330,000,000

3. Jinbe
Whole Cake Island Arc
Jinbe was the captain of Sun Pirates and is now a member of the Strawhat Pirates. He was a former Shichibukai and was one of the strongest among them. Jinbe is an extremely powerful Fishmen and in my opinion the strongest Fishmen in One Piece. He possesses insane powers as Jinbe was able to defeat Gecko Moria in one hit and even someone like Arlong called him a monster. Moreover, in the war of Marineford, Jinbe has fought against many strong people which is why he is given this bounty.

Bounty: Over 400,000,000


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