Strawhat Grand Fleet is a Fleet that is led by Strawhat Pirates and it is one of the Strongest Fleets that roams that seas of the New World. This Fleet was formed during the Dressrosa arc. This Fleet consists of 7 Division Commanders and their manpower is over 2000 people in their fleet. As pirates these members have bounties and these bounties are extremely high. So I today’s list I will be ranking the Strawhat Grand Fleet members’ bounties. Let’s begin-

10. Nami
Strawhat Grand Fleet bounty
Nami is the Navigator of the Strawhat Pirates and is from East Blue. She has the ability to control weather itself and also she has Zeus which makes her even more powerful than before. Nami helped Luffy in beaten Sweet Commander, Charlotte Cracker and she is the reason why Luffy is alive.

Bounty: 66,000,000
9. Brook
Strawhats' Grand Fleet
Brook is a member of the Strawhat Pirates and is a Swordsman. He is extremely fast and mainly relies on speed in his swordplay. Brook has defeated my fodder pirates of the New Fishmen Pirates and was the only one who was able to hurt Zeus.

Bounty: 83,000,0000


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