Highest Bounties Among The 11 Supernovas

The 11 Supernovas were the Pirates who arrived on Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of over 100,000,000 before the Paramount War. Here’s how they’re ranked according to their bounties:

9. Urouge
11 Supernovas
Urouge aka “The Mad Monk”, is the Captain of the Fallen Monk Pirates. He is from a sky island. Urouge is extremely strong, as he was able to beat one of the sweet commanders of Big Mom. His bounty will have increased by a lot as one of the supernovas.
Bounty = 108,000,000

8. Jewelry Bonney
Jewelry Bonney aka “The Big Eater”, is from South Blue and Captain of the Bonney Pirates. Not much is known about her since Sabaody but, she has caught the attention of the Tenryuubito and the Marine Admirals.
Bounty= 140,000,000


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