Hidden Mist’s best Swordsmen

Hey folks! I’m sure you all have wondered at some point that who is the best swordsman among the seven swordsmen of the Hidden Mist village. Today I’ll pit them against one another and decide who is the best among them.
8. Ameyuri Ringo- She was the only female member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. She had a joyful nature. Ringo wielded the double blades, Kiba. She was a very proficient user of the Lighting release technique. Also, she could use Silent Killing like all the other swordsmen.
7. Jinpachi Munashi- Next on our list is Jinpachi. He, like all the other the seven swordsmen, was known for his brutality. The fact that he even killed his older brother is the sign of his brutality. Jinapachi was partnered by Kuriarare. He possesses the unique blastsword, Shibuki. The sword is incorporated with explosive tags, and can even hurt the user. But, Jinpachi was a master of the sword and was never caught in its explosion when he was alive.



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