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Hero Academia episode 44

My Hero Academia’s episode 5 was amazing and I was impressed by how well they have handled the anime and the fights are amazing too. But after hearing the spoilers of My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 6 I was even more excited about the upcoming episode. Before we get into the spoilers we will discuss what happened in the previous episode of My Hero Academia.
hero academia season 3 Episode 6
We see Deku tell everyone in the class that Bakugo was the target of the League of Villains. We see Eraserhead fight against the clone Dabi and Eraserhead allows every member of Class A and B to engage in combat. Tetsutetsu fought and defeats one of the members of the League of Villains which was responsible for all the poisonous smoke. Meanwhile, Bakugo and Todoroki are seen engaging in a fight.

The Villian that Bakugo and Todoroki are fighting has the ability to control his teeth and use them to attack his opponents. Now that we have gone through the events that occurred in the previous arc, let’s begin the spoilers. But first a warning, we will be entering Spoiler territory here and those who don’t want to be spoiled click away now. Now we have got that out of the way let’s begin.
boku no Hero academia season 3 Episode 6
In the next episode of My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 6, we will see Deku trying to deal with Tokoyami’s dark shadow. Tokoyami did tell them to run but Midoriya is not the type of person who will abandon his friends. Deku is trying to find a way to save his friends without hurting his friends and also subbing Dark Shadow. The scene changes to Bakugo and Todoroki where they are continuing to fight against the Villian that stands in front of them, I would love to see how Bakugo and Todoroki’s team will fight against this threat.

The way Shigaraki is talking about his squad shows us how powerful this team of Villians are and they might have additional plans that might be revealed. I am extremely interested to see how the pro Heroes will handle the situation. So far, Wild Wild Pussycats are somehow able to hold off the Villian but it is only a matter of time it will get more difficult for Pussycats to fight them in the upcoming episode.
my hero academia season 3 Episode 44
The backup will not arrive in time and the last hope of the students are the teachers that were with them. The teachers will join the fight very soon and I am excited to see them fight against these Villians and I also want to know about the quirk that they possess.

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