Versus Battle: Hashirama Senju vs Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hashirama and Hiruzen, the two strongest known Hokage. Both were given the title of “God of Shinobi”. So, I decided predict the outcome of the fight between two of the most powerful Hokage.

P.S: All Manga panels are taken from Manga Panda.
I’ll start first with the raw power. Hashirama was a Senju and had an immense amount of chakra and life force. In his fight against Madara, we saw that how he could take on both Madara and the Nine Tails. His sage mode makes the power of his attacks even more greater which the Nine Tails certainly found out about. 20160905135225
Now moving on to Hiruzen. Hiruzen hasn’t been seen performing any jutsu which cause large scale destruction. I’m not saying that he can’t do it but, I really doubt that he can change the scenery of a place with his move. 20160828160715
Also, Hashirama’s Sage mode makes his power even more tremendous.
Hashirama- 10
Hiruzen- 8.5


  1. You’re stupid. It was never, anywhere in the Manga or Anime declared that Hiruzen was stronger, or even on Par with Hashirama. This is always taken out of context. He has never once been declared as the “God of Shinobi”.

    • I never said that it was said in the anime or manga. Hiruzen also had the title of the God of Shinobi. Please check your facts.

  2. Hiruzen fought Orochimaru/Hashirama/Tobirama when HE was weak. He was getting old, so he had half of the chakra he had before. Hashirama/Madara are both so overrated wow. Hiruzen is a way too underrated…
    The only jutsus that the 1st can use is wood releash (water-earth) and shuriken shadow clones… I give him 7 for jutsus.
    Hiruzen have 10 all the way with the jutsus. He mastery all jutsus in Leaf village and all chakra’s natures. The only ninja’s that can outmatch Hashirama with the chakra are Naruto/Madara/Sasuke. It make Hashirama 10 there and Hiruzen 9 cause let give him some chakra to be able to use so many chakras natures.
    Hiruzen outmatch Madara for sure on jutsus, even with the nine tails. Hiruzen have so many ressources… If he could use all the jutsus of the leaf village, it means that he can also summon ninjas toads…
    Intelligence now, Hashirama look sooo dumb. dont give him 8.5. Hes 7-7.5, max. All he did was making wood release. He never creating or mastery high level jutsus…
    If Hiruzen can fight with a stick… Im sure he can also fight with a sword… just say it.

    • Who said that Hashirama could use just Wood Release? The Fourth Databook shows that he could use all five nature releases. I think you can’t become the God of Shinobi by being dumb. He is cheerful that’s all. It doesn’t make him dumb.


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