Is This How Hashirama Died?

Hi everyone, today I’m going to discuss a theory about how Hashirama died. Hashirama Senju was the founder and the first Hokage of Konohagakure. He wished to bring and end to the war torn era andHashirama died did so by forming Konohagakure and joining hands with Madara Uchiha. It was after Konohagakure was founded other clans also started to shake hands and make villages like Konohagakure.

Hashirama Senju was known as the God of Shinobi. He was the most powerful Shinobi of his time. He was even powerful than Madara Uchiha who himself was no pushover. Hashirama diedHashirama had the ability to use the all powerful Wood Release and could use senjutsu chakra and regeneration abilities which practically made him undefeatable in a battle. Madara was defeated numerous times by Hashirama in battles.

Hashirama died shortly before the first Shinobi War and had already appointment Tobirama Senju his younger brother as the second Hokage of Konohagakure. Hashirama diedThe death of Hashirama could have been the reason for the war to break out as the loss of his imposing presence paved the way for others to claim the title of God of Shinobi.

It was never explained in the Anime how Hashirama Senju died. There have been numerous theories about his death but nothing can be said in certain that how he died.Hashirama died As all of us know that he was impossible to defeat so was he poisoned? Was he cheated and killed by someone? We know that there had been numerous attempts to assassinate him, so was he assassinated?

Well let me discuss a theory with you that might provide you the answer to this mystery. The most amazing ability that Hashirama Senju used was the mitotic regeneration, making him basically immortal in battle. Hashirama diedHe mostly used it in every battles and it was used to its fullest during the fights with Madara Uchiha. The point is that such a technique demands a lot from the user physically, and it is a forbidden jutsu, since it accelerates the aging and death of the body’s cells.

This phenomenon is known as the Hayflick Limit, in which cells multiply only a limited number of times. Something even alerted to Tsunade Shizune, in the battle against Orochimaru. Considering that Hashirama lived in a very violent age,Hashirama died and fought in many battles, his regenerative ability was probably used restlessly, which made Hashirama’s life shorten dramatically to the point where his body’s cells gave up, and he died still young chronologically, but already very old biologically.

It seems to be the most believable theory. There is even a theory that states that sage mode deteriorates the life of Human being that is why some people say that Naruto Uzumaki is going to die in Boruto: Naruto Next GenerationsHashirama died at the hands of Kawaki. Since, many assassins were sent to assassinate Hashirama Senju and it is possible that his body was very weak in his last stage of life and it could have been the reason he was killed.

Since, Kakuzu was also the one that was sent to assassinate Hashirama Senju and lived to tell the tale. It is very much Hashirama diedpossible that he could have defeated the God of Shinobi, Hashirama Senju as he could have been very weak. Well there is also a funny theory that he fell of the cliff while he was drunk.

This funny theory is easily spoiled as whenever Hashirama Senju was reanimated he was in his fighting attire.Hashirama died Whatever the reason whether he was killed in battle or assassinated it must have been because of his dying cells and deteriorating body.

That is it, I hope you all understood the point I was trying to put forward and this good theory. The credit of this theory about how Hashirama died goes to it’s respected writer. And also I want you all to share your own views about this theory and if anyone has a better theory they are most welcomed to share their point.

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