Haikyuu manga has been gaining some serious popularity in recent years. The manga is the work of Haruichi Furudate. It is a shonen manga and is published in Weekly Shōnen Jump by Shueisha. English publisher is Viz Media. There have been a total of seven stage plays of the Haikyuu manga thus far.

It was revealed that the eighth stage play was confirmed by the official website of Hyper Projection Engeki. The director and the scriptwriter of this newest Haikyuu play is Worry Kinoshita. Also, some of the cast members of the play have been revealed. In the cast, eleven members of Karasuno High have been teased already. Haikyuu is a volleyball based manga and for those who don’t know anything about this awesome manga here is a small synopsis for you all:

The story kicks off with Hinata who is a boy in the veins of whom volleyball lives. He is fascinated by a player known as “Little Giant”. Even though his height isn’t that tall but his athleticism makes up for it. After losing a match against Kageyama’s team, he decides to go into an institution known as Karasuno High. In here he gets paired up with Kageyama as teammates which leads to a whole new weird team combination.

Kageyama’s genius and Hinata’s athleticism combine to give rise to a formidable move. Then the journey of Karasuno High to the top begins. Right now in manga Karasuno High is battling Kamomedai in the tournament and this is a match on which everyone is focusing. This is the match between the two little giants and the battle to see which one prevails is pretty interesting to see.

The first ever stage play based on Haikyuu manga was held back in 2015. The next year the second one took place.

Haikyuu eighth stage play

The next year, that is 2017 held the third and fourth stage plays. In 2018 two more stage plays fifth and sixth were held and in this year the seventh stage play took place.

Now, all the Haikyuu fans are excited to behold the eighth stage play of this awesome volleyball manga series. As I mentioned right now manga is in its most interesting phase and thus those haven’t read the manga should seriously give it a read. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your expectations from this upcoming eighth stage play based on Haikyuu manga series. I’m excited about this new play.


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