Gear 4 Snakeman – All Powers And Attacks – Revealed

Now let’s talk about Snakeman’s powers, and how strong it is. Snakeman, as I already told you, works mainly on speed. The power of this Gear is quite tremendous because the faster the momentum of the fist and the more speed, and the greater the force.
This is quite amazing, and it is without a doubt Luffy’s strongest gear yet. Moreover, its attack speed is tremendous, because Katakuri initially had trouble dodging Luffy’s attacks. Katakuri was only able block some of his attack and after realizing how Luffy’s abilities work, Katakuri was able to dodge some of them.

The biggest factor of this gear is Luffy’s unpredictability. This gear is unpredictable, and even future sight struggles against it. That’s why I think it is the strongest.

What do you think about Luffy’s Gear 4 Snakeman?

I would love to hear you opinion on what you have to say about this new form of Gear in the comment section below. This it for this article, and I will see you guys in another post.

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