Gear 4 Snakeman – All Powers And Attacks – Revealed

Snakeman’s body is a lot slimmer than Bounce Man, and because of that Luffy can move even faster when compared to his other Gear technique. He uses his Armament Haki on his arms and legs only. In Boundman, he used them on his back and his torso, which he sacrifices in this form, causing it to lose the extra protection.
Gear 4 Snakeman
In this form, Luffy doesn’t bounce like ball and is able to stay still. Luffy uses his legs to move even faster. He doesn’t run, instead Luffy jumps at a very high speed. He then close the distance between him and the opponent, then Luffy unleashes his attacks.

But the defensive abilities of Snakeman is a little weaker than Gear Fourth Bounce man, or Tankman, because when Luffy was hit by Katakuri in Snakeman, Luffy was sent flying through the wall at mirror world. If he was in bounce man state, Luffy would have bounced back from the wall and wouldn’t have taken extra damage.
Gear 4 Snakeman
Moreover, when Katakuri and Luffy hit each other’s fist, Luffy was the one who suffered the most which indicates that Luffy’s Haki is much weaker than Katakuri, despite using his strongest abilities. In terms of power, Snakeman is a little weaker when compared to Boundman. However, the speed of this form is very high, which makes up for the lack of power, since the momentum is going to be the same anyway.



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