Gear 4 Snakeman – All Powers And Attacks – Revealed

First let’s talk about the Gear technique of Monkey D. Luffy. Gear is a technique that is used by Luffy due to his Gomu Gomu no Mi, and it was first shown in the Enies Lobby arc. There a total of three Gear and four other sub Gear techniques that we have saw in the series. Gear Second (Speed Gear), Gear Third(Power Gear) and Gear Fourth (Speed, Power and defense).
Gear 4 Snakeman
Gear Fourth has four other forms which are, Bounce Man which is focused on raw Power, speed and defense. Tankman full Version mainly focuses on defense. Tankman Full Version’s defensive properties are far more superior then any other Gear that Luffy possesses. The normal Tankman isn’t shown yet, but I think it also focuses on defenses but it will be weaker than Tankman Full Version.

Last but not the least comes Gear 4 Snakeman. This Gear mainly focuses is on Speed and power. It is much more faster than Bounce Man which is already very fast. It moves at eye blinding speed, and his attacks can’t be dodge easily, because of their unpredictable nature.
Gear 4 Snakeman
This form is probably the strongest that Luffy has in his arsenal. Snakeman was recently shown in the manga chapter 895 during the fight against Charlotte Katakuri. It was Luffy’s last resort against Katakuri, in a desperate attempt to defeat him. Now that I have a talk about the Snakeman, let’s talk about it abilities.



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