The First Person To Escape From Impel Down – Lvl 5.5’s Secret Explained

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about the first person to escape from Impel Down and the secret of Levl 5.5. First things first, in this theory I’ll argue that Shiki is not the first person to escape from Impel Down but someone else.

Let’s begin this post regarding the first person to escape from Impel Down and the secret of level 5.5

First of all, since this post is about Impel Down, let us discuss Impel Down. It is the prison controlled by the World Government and in this prison, the most dangerous criminals are kept.
Impel Down
Mostly it is filled with very strong pirates who are a real threat to the World Government. It is located underwater in the middle of the Calm Belt. It is comprised of various levels with each increasing level the prison becomes more and more ruthless and life-threatening. Hannyabal is the current chief warden followed by the previous head Warden, Magellan.

There are a total of 6 levels in Impel Down excluding the secret level 5.5. as expected. Breaking out from this prison is almost impossible because of the staff and security of the prison.
strongest Impel Down prisoners
Shiki was one of the first ones to escape from Impel Down and later more prisoners escaped from this brutal prison when Blackbeard invaded.

Now, let us talk about Newkama Land, or level 5.5. It is a heaven for the prisoners of Impel Down. Even Ivankov doesn’t know who created the place.
Shiki's Return
Recently, in the latest SBS Oda revealed who created level 5.5, and it is none other than the guy who likes to take underground walks as his hobby Morley. Morley is one of Revolutionary Army commanders. Oda revealed that giants have a pretty long lifespan and Morley is around 160 years old. Oda also revealed that Morley was a notorious pirate over 100 years ago, and thus was imprisoned at Impel Down where he created the level 5.5.

Apart from that Oda also revealed the name of Morley’s devil fruit which is Otsu Otsu no Mi or the push-push devil fruit. Using this devil fruit, he is able to push any solid object and make space for himself.
Revolutionary Army
Pushing ground and making space from himself and others is something we have seen him do quite a lot of times.

Morley and his fellow Revolutionary Army commanders were seen hiding underground at Mary Geoise. Now, we know that Morley and others battled the admirals Fujitora and Ryokugyu in order to retrieve Bartholomew Kuma.
Kuma's royal lineage
So, if Morley was imprisoned at Impel Down around 100 years ago, it is obvious that he escaped from this hellish prison within a year or two. Shiki, who is believed to be the one who was the first escapee from Impel Down, would have escaped way after Morley.

So, it is indeed Morley, a Revolutionary Army Commander who is the first person to escape from Impel Down.
The Revolutionaries
Also, he just created the space but Ivankov was the one who made level 5.5 into Newkama Land which is now a safe haven for the prisoners of Impel Down.

When Morley would have been imprisoned in Impel Down, he certainly would have been a notorious pirate but he wouldn’t have been any threat to the World Government as at that time he wouldn’t have been a member of the Revolutionary Army.
Impel Down
So, even if Morley disappeared from Impel Down, nobody would have even cared to notice. He might have somehow got rid of the Seastone handcuffs and then created the level 5.5 and escaped easily. So, it is clear that Morley indeed is the first person to escape from Impel Down.

As I said, Morley was recently shown at Mary Geoise and now we know he even battled the admirals. We should not underestimate how powerful Morley is as he has escaped from Impel Down which is an unbelievable achievement.
Impel Down
He will be easily one of the Top-tier characters. Imagine one suffering a punch from his push push devil fruit, he’ll certainly die.

That is it from today’s post on the first person to escape from Impel Down. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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