The First Person To Escape From Impel Down – Lvl 5.5’s Secret Explained

So, it is indeed Morley, a Revolutionary Army Commander who is the first person to escape from Impel Down.
The Revolutionaries
Also, he just created the space but Ivankov was the one who made level 5.5 into Newkama Land which is now a safe haven for the prisoners of Impel Down.

When Morley would have been imprisoned in Impel Down, he certainly would have been a notorious pirate but he wouldn’t have been any threat to the World Government as at that time he wouldn’t have been a member of the Revolutionary Army.
Impel Down
So, even if Morley disappeared from Impel Down, nobody would have even cared to notice. He might have somehow got rid of the Seastone handcuffs and then created the level 5.5 and escaped easily. So, it is clear that Morley indeed is the first person to escape from Impel Down.

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