The First Person To Escape From Impel Down – Lvl 5.5’s Secret Explained

Apart from that Oda also revealed the name of Morley’s devil fruit which is Otsu Otsu no Mi or the push-push devil fruit. Using this devil fruit, he is able to push any solid object and make space for himself.
Revolutionary Army
Pushing ground and making space from himself and others is something we have seen him do quite a lot of times.

Morley and his fellow Revolutionary Army commanders were seen hiding underground at Mary Geoise. Now, we know that Morley and others battled the admirals Fujitora and Ryokugyu in order to retrieve Bartholomew Kuma.
Kuma's royal lineage
So, if Morley was imprisoned at Impel Down around 100 years ago, it is obvious that he escaped from this hellish prison within a year or two. Shiki, who is believed to be the one who was the first escapee from Impel Down, would have escaped way after Morley.

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