The First Person To Escape From Impel Down – Lvl 5.5’s Secret Explained

There are a total of 6 levels in Impel Down excluding the secret level 5.5. as expected. Breaking out from this prison is almost impossible because of the staff and security of the prison.
strongest Impel Down prisoners
Shiki was one of the first ones to escape from Impel Down and later more prisoners escaped from this brutal prison when Blackbeard invaded.

Now, let us talk about Newkama Land, or level 5.5. It is a heaven for the prisoners of Impel Down. Even Ivankov doesn’t know who created the place.
Shiki's Return
Recently, in the latest SBS Oda revealed who created level 5.5, and it is none other than the guy who likes to take underground walks as his hobby Morley. Morley is one of Revolutionary Army commanders. Oda revealed that giants have a pretty long lifespan and Morley is around 160 years old. Oda also revealed that Morley was a notorious pirate over 100 years ago, and thus was imprisoned at Impel Down where he created the level 5.5.

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