Fire Force anime is being praised for its awesome animation but its storyline is just as awesome. Talking about the last episode of Fire Force anime, it was the third episode and it was released after a week delay which indeed made its hype go up a notch. In the last episode, we saw the rookie fire soldier games beginning.

Tamaki a new interesting character was introduced and Shinra encountered a man who he thinks is a guy who saved him all those years ago but the man refused to remember anything. After the commencement of the games, a character that was shown in episode 2 known as Joker crashed the rookie fire soldier games.

The battle between Shinra and Joker broke out. Here we saw how powerful Joker is as Shinra was not able to even damage him a bit. After this, we saw Shinra saving a fellow competitor of the games and Shinra’s squad came to his aid as well.

Later on, Captain Obi informed Shinra about the various squads in the Fire Force. The episode was very interesting as expected. Now, let us discuss what will happen in the new episode of Fire Force anime.

Fire Force episode 4 spoilers

The official spoilers of the new episode will follow now, so if you do not like to read spoilers then stay away from this post and which to some other post on TheAnimeScrolls.

Fire Force episode 4 is titled “The Hero and the Princess”. In this episode we will get to see Setsuo attacking people in court, Shinra will use his ability to fly and catch up to the villain while Arthur will climb up his back to grab a lift.

The duo will be work as a team to neutralise the villain but as the higher-ups will arrive, Setsuo will apologize for his behaviour but the higher-ups will shoot at him this will give him an opportunity to escape and he will pledge to kill innocents just like Fire Force kills flame humans.

Shinra will be instructed to follow this culprit and take him down to which Shinra will respond positively and will pledge to take down Setsuo in order to ensure the safety of innocents. Fire Force episode 4 release date is 02 August 2019.

The spoilers of the new episode again look pretty awesome and I am certain that the new episode is going to be just as good as expected. Do mention in the comments section below what are your thoughts regarding Fire Force episode 4 spoilers.


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