Fire Force anime launched last week with its first ever episode. The episode looked awesome. In the episode, we saw the protagonist Shinra being introduced. Shinra has been admitted in the Special Fire Force squad. These squads save people with instantaneous combustion of humans.

The squad aims to find the reason for this combustion of everyone which has caused many humans to die. Even Shinra’s own family was lost due to this instantaneous combustion. Shinra’s ability is to use his feet like that of rockets. He can combust his feet and travel at super-fast speeds. He made a hole in the opponent’s heart which was sort of pleasing to see. Now, coming to Fire Force episode 2 spoilers. This episode is titled “The Heart of a Fire Soldier”.

In this episode, we will get to see that the tournament is to be held between the newcomers of all eight Special Fire Forces squads. Arthur is one of the newcomers and will arrive at Cathedral 8. When Arthur comes across Shinra, the two instantly will start to fight and Arthur will show us his special fire blade.

fire force episode 2 release date

Their battle will be cut short when Takehisa will show up and stop the two newcomers from battling each other.

Shinra here will get to see that he needs to get way stronger in order to compete and protect the ones Shinra loves the most. The spoilers look pretty interesting and it is clear that the new episode will give us way more insight regarding Arthur and the powers of other Fire Force members. The director and the animations of the first episode were top notch and I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode now to see how the animations and direction work in that one in order to check to the consistency of the level of direction.

Fire Force episode 2 release date is 12 July 2019. Please do not watch the anime from unofficial sources because it hurts the anime community. If you want a continuous supply of high-quality anime do watch the various anime and manga from only official sources. You can watch the anime officially on networks like TBS and MBS and also Funimation. You can stream the anime officially on FunimationNow as well. So, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming episode of Fire Force anime. Shinra’s character development will start officially from the next episode. He needs to become stronger in order to find the murderer behind his family’s death.


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