The Fifth Emperor Luffy – Title And Reasons Explained

Fifth Emperor

Hey guys! The new chapter of One Piece was amazing, all of the fans loved it. In the new chapter, Luffy’s fame as a pirate grew even more after the world heard about the events that occurred at the Whole Cake island. Luffy right now is called the “Fifth Emperor” by people of the world. The Title that is given to Luffy is not a joke, the title represents power itself. But does Luffy deserve the title? Let’s look into that.

First things first. Luffy, in terms of power, is no match for a Yonkō right now but in terms of military might Luffy is up there with the Yonkō. Luffy’s power right now is lower or equal to a first mate of a Yonkō, which makes him one of the strongest character in One Piece right now.
Fifth Emperor
Also, Luffy is the second strongest in his Generation, first being Blackbeard. Luffy’s powers will increase even more when the war of Wano Country will begin and in the arc Luffy will surpass even the likes of Katakuri, Ben Beckman and also Rayleigh in terms of powers.

Let us keep this topic for later instead let us talk about the military might that Luffy has at his disposal. As mentioned earlier, in this article, I will be discussion weather the title that a given to Luffy fits him or not. And I will try my best to explain what the title of the Fifth Yonkō means.

Note: Yonkou literally means 4 Emperors. Luffy may be the Fifth Emperor, but it is more like he’s a Gokou.


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