The Fate of Kozuki Hiyori And The Fifth Retainer — Explained

So, she needed to ensure that Hiyori will survive in a point of time she sends her. She couldn’t send her more than 20 years in future because she didn’t know for certain that Momonusuke and others will succeed in defeating Kurozumi Orochi.
Kozuki clan
Also, she just couldn’t send her into the future less than 10 years ahead as well.

I think so because all of Wano would remember the face of the retainer with her.
o Tama
So, she had to send her somewhere between 12 and 16 years ahead in the future to ensure that she and her retainer wouldn’t be recognized in Wano, and she would have some proper time to grow as well. Thus, making her chance of survival better. So, I think that Hiyori and her retainer were sent to Wano 14-15 years ahead in time. Thus, making Hiyori’s age about 6 years right now. So, has she been introduced in Wano yet?

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