The Fate of Kozuki Hiyori And The Fifth Retainer — Explained

This was revealed by Kinemon himself in One Piece manga chapter 920. The fate of the fourth Kozuki, that is Kozuki Hiyori remains unknown. It wasn’t disclosed in chapter 920 whether or not she is alive.
Hiyori Kozuki
It wasn’t disclosed what happened to her. But I have a theory that not only will give us all an idea as to what happened 20 years ago with Hiyori, but also where she is now and what is her identity.

First of all, there clearly was a fifth retainer right there when Momonosuke was sent into the future. As we know, only four retainers traveled with Momonosuke and the fifth stayed back. So, what happened to him?
Kozuki Hiyori
My theory is that he was sent into the future too, but with Hiyori and in a different point in time. When Hiyori was introduced in One Piece chapter 920, she clearly seemed like an infant child who would have been barely a couple of months, or maybe a year old. My theory is that since Toki sent Momonosuke 20 years ahead of where she knew the plans to kill Orochi will be sent in motion, Hiyori being an infant had almost no chance of survival.

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