The Fate Of Jinbe, Germa 66 And Fishman Pirates After Whole Cake Island – Explained


Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post I’ll be discussing what is the fate of Jinbe, Germa 66 and the Fishman Pirates. We know that they would have naturally faced the wrath of Big Mom after the Strawhat Pirates made their escape. It is still not known whether they survived or died in this situation. So, let us try to make out what really happened.

Let’s begin this post regarding the fate of Jinbe, Germa 66 and Fishman Pirates

The last chapter of the Whole Cake Island arc was chapter 902. In this chapter Fishman Pirates, Germa 66 and Jinbe stayed behind so that they could help the Strawhat Pirates escape from the Whole Cake Island.
Germa 66
While escaping Luffy made Jinbe promise him that he’ll join them in Wano soon. After this Big Mom was shown as she was about to use her ability Soul Pocus on Germa 66, Jinbe and Fishman Pirates. But we didn’t see anything after that. So, what really happened to them? Are they alive?

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