Fairy Tail Episode 278 Spoilers: The Return Of Fairy Tail!

fairy tail episode 278

Finally, we are mighty close to the final season of the Fairy Tail anime, so it is about time that I give you all the spoilers of this upcoming episode. In this post, I’ll be discussing the spoilers of Fairy Tail episode 278. Also, this post will surely contain some spoilers, ao whosoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post regarding Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail Episode 278 Spoilers

As some of you might remember that in the last episode, that is Fairy Tail episode 277 which is titled “Message of Fire”, we saw that Lucy, Happy and Natsu talking about what happened since the last time they had met.

fairy tail episode 278 watch online

It was Lucy who told them that Fairy Tail no longer exists. So, in order to revive the Fairy Tail and gather all of their former comrades, they embark on a journey. This journey won’t be an easy one by no means. In the new episode, we’ll see the commencement of Natsu, Lucy and Happy’s journey.

They’ll roam all across the country to search for their Guild members. Later, they will end up in Margaret Town and in this town, they’ll visit the Lamia Scale Guild. Here they will be absolutely shocked to see Carla and Wendy have joined up with the Lamia Scale Guild.

fairy tail episode 278 release date

Obviously, all the three are going to try extremely hard to persuade them to rejoin Fairy Tail but unfortunately, they’ll deny joining them once again. Somehow they are going to manage to change their former comrade’s mind but that won’t happen in the upcoming episode but in the other future, episodes to come. So, let’s see how things unfold in the upcoming episodes of Fairy Tail anime.

Fairy Tail Episode 278 Release Date

So, the release date of this new episode of Fairy Tail is going to be 07 October 2018. I do hope that you remember to not watch this episode from unofficial websites like KissAnime and only stream from official sources like Funimation and Crunchyroll which will prove to be very fruitful for our anime world. Also, tell us what you liked and disliked about this post regarding the Fairy Tail anime and tell us what anima and manga you want to read about that we don’t cover yet. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about anime and manga.

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