Hello guys!. Today we’re going to talk about the new One Piece movie that is due to release. As you might’ve guessed, the movie is One Piece Gold.
The story revolves around a man named Gildo Tesoro, who has a ship called Gran Tisoro, where the most notorious pirates and the most wealthiest converge in pursuit of pleasure. Gildo Tesoro’s ship actually floats in the air and is beyond the grasps of the World Government. Tesoro is considered to be an untouchable man, because of his wealth and because of it, he can make anyone to join him. With his unquenchable lust for power, he wants to rule the world. We already know Luffy will “kick his ass”.
Gildo Tesoro was slave of the world nobles and escaped due to Fisher Tiger’s attack on Mariejois. Because of this, he hates wealthy people and aristocrats. He possesses Goru Goru no Mi, which he stole from an auction hosted by the Donquixote Pirates.
This Devil fruit enables him to manipulate gold telekinetically at will. The Devil Fruit looks as if it’s a Paramecia.


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