Hey everyone! Here’s why i think Luffy and Law will be joined by Eustass Kidd.
As you know, Luffy and Law alliance plan to take down the Yonkō, Kaido. Luffy’s strength has increased considerably since the 2 year Time-skip. He managed to learn the basic concepts of Haki and use them with his Devil Fruit abilities. His biggest feat so far is his Gear 4th, which is really strong. Strong enough to Blitz Doflamingo, atleast.
But do you think Luffy can manage to take down Kaido with his newfound powers?

Kaido has been shown to be insanely strong. He’s even called the strongest creature alive. If you think Luffy’s Gear 4th can match Kaido, you’re sadly mistaken. There is no chance that Luffy can manage to take down Kaido on his own.


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