10 Epic Off-Screen Fights in One Piece


So Many One Piece fights have been shown off-screen. So Today, i decided to make a list of off-screen fights that took place in One Piece. Most of these fights were epics and, sadly, we missed out on them.
Note: This list is not RANKED

10. Remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates vs Blackbeard Pirates
During the Time-skip, there was a war between the remaining Whitebeard Pirates and Blackbeard Pirates. This war was also known as The Payback War, in which Whitebeard Pirates, led by Marco, lost. It was one of those off-screen fights you’d never want to miss.

9. The Revolutionary Army vs Blackbeard Pirates
Baltigo, the base of the Revolutionary Army, was found by Blackbeard Pirates, which led to a fight between the army and the Pirate cew.
Furthermore, In this fight, all the top Executives of the Revolutionary might have been involved, and may have fought against Blackbeard Pirates. It would also have been great to see Dragon clash against Blackbeard.


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