Is Elbaf Under The Protection Of Shanks?

• Foreshadowing or entries for “Shanks during Elbaf”

Do you notice the eye of Hajrudin at Dressrosa in the below photo. It could be a foreshadowing that Shanks will have a big role in Elbaf arc.
Furthermore, In Chapter 802, we saw Buggy, who became a Shichibukai and also has an “Pirate Dispatch”, which consists of giants as well. These giant pirates were led by Hajrudin.


We are currently at the Four Emperors saga. Furthermore, we can expect that each of the four emperors will most likely have one arc based on them.
1. Right now Whole Cake Island is underway and Big Mom is in it
2. Next up is Wano and Kaido is the antagonist in that arc.
3. This leaves Blackbeard and Shanks, and moreover, we know that Blackbeard will be the last pirate boss for Luffy to defeat, after Blackbeard kills Shanks.
Elbaf will most probably will appear for sure. So, Shanks crew will be in the Elbaf arc and also it is the best opportunity for it to happen! Logical and likely.


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