Is Elbaf Under The Protection Of Shanks?


The writer found a French theory which indicates that Shanks is also inspired after god Týr, which is affiliated with law and heroic glory in Norse Mythology.

Týr is a character who only has one arm, he sacrificed it to the monstrous Wolf Fenrir.

We all remember the Sea king and Shanks’ sacrifice. Right?

• Similar view with the Giants-

In the beginning Shanks showed the “spirit” of One Piece, also about freedom, adventure, pirate’s life and honor values.
Shanks is the person who respects what he says and had honor value. And also brave and respectful. He likes to travel, make parties and enjoy time. Moreover, he likes to fight.
He is a “good” pirate.
Which is similar to giants.
Sometimes Elbaf worriers were described as “Barbaric” this was Vice Admiral Jaguar D. Saul point of view it was because he understood the real Barbary because of the world Government decision.

But, in the eyes of Usopp giants are very good people.

• Usopp and Yasopp’s connection to the Giants.

Yasopp is a great fighter and also is trusted in Shanks crew. Instead of living with his wife and son, he left them and chose to go to adventures.

The writer believes that Usopp’s interest in giants and his desire for adventure are related.
The writer believes that Usopp will meet his father in “his” arc: Elbaf’s arc.
Just like Sanji in his arc “Whole Cake Island” in which he meets his father Jajji. Also, he think’s that it will be the same for Usopp.


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