Is Elbaf Under The Protection Of Shanks?

Hey guys! Today I want to share an amazing theory that I came across. It’s about Elbaf that is Under Shanks protection. The Author of this theory is Zero Zero no Mi. Enjoy!

• New World Territories Functioning

We know that Elbaf is the island where Giants live in the New World.

1. The Fishmen Island was under the protection of Whitebeard. Now Fishmen Island is the protection of Big Mom after Whitebeard’s death.
2. Punk Hazard – This island was under the protection of Caesar Clown, who is linked with 2 Yonko and Doflamingo (previously it was under World Government)
3. Dressrosa – It was formerly under Doflamingo’s protection and now under Luffy’s protection.
4. Zou- An Independent island which is ruled by two rulers, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi who were the former member of Roger and Whitebeard Pirates.
5. Totto land – Big Mom is the ruler of this island
6. Wano – Kaido took this island by force and is in control.
As it is evident that most of the islands in the New World are owned by the Yonko. And, also Elbaf is been foreshadowed a long time ago, the Straw Hats will go there. Furthermore, it will be hard tell how this island works and who owns it. The writer believes that Shanks might be protector of this island.

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