So Guys this Article is about the Notable Shinobi who were left out as ideal candidates for Edo Tensei during the Fourth Great Ninja War. You might see some of the strongest and favorites ones in this list. If you feel someone has been left do mention in the comments I hope you enjoy this list.

10.Might Duy

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Might Duy is another extraordinary Shinobi who master the eight gates technique with rigorous training for twenty years. He than faces off against the Seven Swordsman of Mist in a Death battle to save his son’s team and probably kills 3 or more of them. Rest disbands after this fight. The others survive probably thanks to the Time limit of Eight Gates. It would have been interesting to see someone using Eight Gates with body strong enough to sustain the damage.

9.  Kushina Uzumaki

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Kushina Uzumaki is the mother of Naruto Uzumaki and wife of the fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze. While many of you might be surprise with this choice of mine I would argue otherwise. Karin manages to defeat an inferior version of Shinsusenju with her incomplete admantine chains. Just think about what would true Chains do. In fact she holds Kurama down twice once when Naruto tries to master his powers and once before her death while Minato seals Kurama away. Her experience as Jinchuriki and Uzumaki abilities would have been excellent test to Bee and Naruto’s skills. As an Edo tensei her ability to seal others and admantine chains would have made her famous even further as Red Hot Habanero.

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8.  Danzo

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Danzo would have been interesting choice as an Edo Tensei. He could have fought on Kabuto’s behalf before the Brothers tag team(Itachi and Sasuke) would defeat him. It would have been quite the salvation for this Dark character who prosecutes Uchiha to extinction. In the end it is Uchiha who saves World from Destruction brought by him. Also an Edo his Sharingan loaded hand won’t lose control like it. Further his prowess with Shisui’s prowess could be showcased in this fight.

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7.  Shisui Uchiha

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Shisui Uchiha is also another top choice for Edo Tensei. In fact Kabuto himself covets his power and infact expresses his interest in reincarnating Shisui and Jiraiya. Shisui would have single handedly change the course of history with his visual power. It would have been further interesting to note the difference in the abilities of his two eyes. Shisui is also the master of Teleportation Jutsu according to Itachi Shinden Novels and Anime. It would have been another interesting combat; between the Famous Yellow Flash Minato Namikaze in Kurama mode and the Genius of Uchiha clan.

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6.  Konan


Konan the Lady Angel and the Assistant to Lord Pain would have been excellent Edo tensei especially when it comes to slaughtering and injuring large number of opponents. She would have taken exponential number of opponents down. In fact Even Konoha doesn’t has complete intel on her abilities. She is possibly the strongest Kunoichi whose Paper ninjutsu makes her impervious to most physical attacks as long as she has her Dance of Shikigami. In fact she beats Obito in fair fight with proper planning and preparation of 6 billion paper bombs. Obito only survives thanks to the Destiny changer Izanagi.

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We all saw how much Obito was struggling against the Two Jinchuriki Naruto and Bee during fourth Great Ninja War. It seems that both Obito and Kabuto forget about someone who can take care of people with very high chakra very easily. In fact everyone talks about reincarnating several other guys but not this guy. I wonder why? This guy would have mop the floor with the two and would have brought them to the brink of death. Kisame personifies someone who becomes stronger with stronger opponents literally unlike usual Anime where Hero uses plot armor to win. It would have been quite an interesting match-up no doubt with Kisame in fray.

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4.  Izuna Uchiha

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If you thought Madara Uchiha’s introduction and Rape of Shinobi Army wasn’t enough. Perhaps two Edo Madara working together might be? According to Databook Izuna is an equal of Madara Uchiha in terms of fighting prowess. A repeat of History could be possible with edo-Tobirama and Hashirama the Senju bros face-off with Uchiha brother edo-Madara and Izuna. With a little bit of twist perhaps with Izuna defeating Tobirama while Madara defeats Hashirama. A Surprising reversal of fates don’t you think?

3.  Sakumo HatakeRelated image

Another interesting option for Kabuto would be to reincarnate Sakumo. His reputation surpasses even that of Sannin in their prime. In fact he could have been the leader of Jonin since he wore a special sleeve in his left. With his Tanto and the skills of White chakra Saber he becomes the most dangerous man across all five great nation. In fact the order of retreat on sighting hasn’t been revoked till date.

2.  Fugaku UchihaImage result for Fugaku Uchiha

During his Prime Fugaku becomes the Uchiha leader just like Madara and also possessed Mangeykyou Sharingan. While this Mangeykyou came from the grief of losing a close friend, Fugaku was extremely wise. He realizes the folly of coup and instead chooses to die at the hands of his son. It would be quite interesting to see his reaction to his son’s reputation.(Both actually even if he is proud of Itachi I am pretty sure he would face-palm after listening about Sasuke’s actions). The main reason why i mention him here is because I would have like to see his Mangeykyou and know the True Wicked Eye in combat.

1.  Jiraiya

Jiraiya is amongst the top choices for reanimation with Edo Tensei for Kabuto. Kabuto in facts claims that he can’t retrieve the body from the depths of Sea as he doesn’t possesses strong body to retrieve it from that pressure depth. But the Blood sample would suffice from the Pain’s weapons. Even if Kabuto doesn’t possess it why didn’t Orochimaru reincarnates him alongside the Hokages. After all they were teammates? It seems kind of fishy to me. After all he is possibly the most knowledgeable person and in fact his Toad Summons the head of Matriarch and Patriarch could easily clarify Madara’s plan about Moon. In fact the story would have been repeat of Blood Prison movie where Gamabunta gives info about Satori. The Black Zetsu would be exposed as Black Sheep. Perhaps the whole arc would end before Madara’s revival happens.


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