Homura that betrayed Shiki turned out to be an impostor and the real one has arrived. Also, Shiki is battling the all-powerful Jamirov. In this post, I’ll be discussing Eden’s Zero chapter 37 release date and spoilers. As you know this is a spoiler post so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. So without further delay let us begin.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 37 Spoilers

Eden’s Zero Chapter 36 was titled “GIA”. In this chapter, we got to see that Homura that attacked Shiki and betrayed them was not Homura after all. How about that for a twist. Homura the real one appeared and revealed that she ended up in a prison the moment she arrived at Digitalis. She had to break out of there and then find information about why she was there in the first place. Jamirov meanwhile attacked recklessly and killed all of his monsters himself.

It seems that with the help of cheat codes he had powered up in Digitalis a lot. Hermit suggests that they should use the cheat codes of their own.

Eden's Zero chapter 37 Spoilers
Shiki in Eden’s Zero chapter 36

Meanwhile, Homura chased down the imposter who revealed that she is a member of GIA, Galactic Intelligence Agency. The chapter was pretty damn awesome.

Now, coming to the spoilers of the upcoming chapter of Eden’s Zero manga. In this chapter, we will get to see Hermit using the cheat codes to amplify or simply give powers to Shiki and others. This is going to be quite cool as we have no idea whatsoever, what these powers will be. Nonetheless, I do think that Jamirov’s time will come to an end in the upcoming chapter.

Also, the Galactic Intelligence Agency agent will spill some information about Drakken Joe for sure. I do think from now on here in this arc the main foe is going to be this Drakken Joe character. He seems to be a pretty bad criminal.

Eden's Zero chapter 37 release date
Fake Homura in Eden’s Zero chapter 36

Who knows at the end of the arc even he might join up with the Eden’s Zero party. So, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming chapter of Eden’s Zero manga.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 37 Release Date

Eden’s Zero manga chapter 37 is going to be released on 27 March 2019. Please don’t read Eden’s Zero from unofficial websites where you can read various mangas for free. However, even if you read the scanlation, please support the official release by waiting for the official release, which will help the anime and manga community. That is it from today’s post on Eden’s Zero next chapter spoilers.

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