Monkey D Dragon’s Devil Fruit – The Strongest Logia Power

Dragon full power revealed

Monkey D Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary and is also the World’s most wanted man. He is feared not only by the World Government but also by the World itself. The power of this man hasn’t been shown in the series and all of the One Piece fans want to see what Dragon capable of doing. In this theory I will be talking about his powers and Possible Dragon’s Devil Fruit abilities.
Let’s Begin –

Monkey D Dragon’s Devil Fruit

Throughout the series, Oda has hinted towards Dragons ability and power. When ever Dragon was shown in the series something happened to the weather itself. The One Piece community was speclating including myself thinks of many possible powers that Dragon might have.
Dragon's Devil Fruit
In my opinion, there are four possible powers that Dragon might possesses. I will go in detail for all of them and in the end I will tell you what powers Dragon might have. First power that i think of is a Logia Devil Fruit called Weather Weather Fruit.

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