Hey everyone, I’m back today at TheAnimeScrolls with the latest news on Dragon Quest Builders 2 game. So, within further delay, let us begin. Dragon Quest is one of the most played around the globe. The arrival of Dragon Quest Builders 2 has already made the fans excited. The sequel game will take place on Empty Island and it features the descendants of legendary builders Square Enix.

Recently in the 18th Issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Jump, several other details about the game were revealed. The game’s title is Dragon Quest Builders 2: Hakaigami Shidō to Karappo no Shima (Dragon Quest Builders 2: God of Destruction Malroth and the Empty Island). dragon quest builders 2Malroth is the name of the final boss from Dragon Quest II. Adding to this, the issue also revealed the designs for the male and female protagonists.

They are designed by Akira Toriyama himself, who is also the creator of the much loved Dragon Ball franchise. From what we know, the protagonists are the descendants of the legendary builders who once saved the world. The protagonists wash ashore on “Empty Island,” which is surrounded by rotting casks and driftwood. The name of the island gives off that the place is unhabitable.

There are no people, nor any houses. However, there is an unnatural shrine like object on one of the Rocky Mountains. Square Enix are going to release the sequel to the PlayStation 4 and NintendoSwitch. The new game will also feature new abilities such as the ability to swim underwater, to have water on top of high locations, and to make waterfalls.

Square Enix released the first Dragon Quest Builders “sandbox action RPG” on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in January 2016 in Japan. That game is set in Alfegard and it follows the setting of the original Dragon Quest game.dragon quest builders 2 The story follows an alternate ending of the game where the hero accepts the Dragon Lord’s offer to rule half the world. The player takes control of a new hero to rebuild the land.

Square Enix had released the first game in North America and Europe on the PS4. PS Vita also received the game but it only a digital release back in October 2016. The game received a release on the Nintendo Switch in North America on February 9 and in Japan on March 1.

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