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Hey guys! I’m back at TheAnimeScrolls with the news on Dragon Ball Super and it might return in 2019. The finale episode last sunday of this Anime was absolutely amazing and fans loved it. Goku said his farewell once again, and with that, the series ended. The ending of the episode made all the fans wonder that the series will return once again. Rumors are already suggesting that tits Anime is going to return in 2019 with a continuation of the anime.

So, is it true? Is Dragon Ball Super really making a return in 2019? The answer to that is, no. As of now, it won’t be returning in 2019.dragon Ball Nothing aside from the movie has been announced yet. After the movie airs, things will clear up, and we’ll finally know when, and if Super will return at all.

Dragon Ball Super itself began airing in July 2015. More specifically, the first episode aired on 5 July 2015. If Super returns in July, that would make sense since it would be 4 years after Super first aired. With Kitaro confirmed to run for at least 50 episodes, I think a July return would have to be more likely. But again, these are just my thoughts. Super’s return isn’t confirmed, but I believe that it’ll definitely be back in 2019.

Dragon Ball Super is definitely going to return next year. It may not be official yet, but Super’s return is definitely on cards, the way they ended Dragon Ball Super at episode 131, I can see the show having a huge plot to deal with in the future. Now let’s enter speculative territory. dragon BallAfter the it’s movie airs, I believe an April return for the series would be possible. Next year’s April marks the 30th anniversary of the Dragon Ball Z anime airing in Japan, as well as the 10 year anniversary of Dragon Ball Kai airing. It would be perfect for them to start the new series around April 2019. However, if it doesn’t happen in April, don’t be surprised.

That was all from this news on the return of Super in 2019. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime and Manga. And do tell us your thoughts on the possible return of Dragon Ball Super in 2019.

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