Dragon Ball Super: Broly Release Date, Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Hey you all! I’m back with another post regarding Dragon Ball Super. I want to inform you all that the Dragon Ball Super movie titled “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”. As some of you might remember that this movie was announced back in March. Even though the Dragon Ball Super ended in March it doesn’t seem that franchise is not stopping the production of the new work which is nice to see. The movie is a direct sequel to the Dragon Ball Super anime, which ended with the Universe Survival Saga or the Tournament of Power arc. Many people thought that this was the end of Dragon Ball Super, thankfully it’s not.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Spoilers

The new movie is going to focus solely on the Saiyan race and as you all might have already expected Broly is surely making a return in this new movie. Even though I did not want to believe this as Broly seems to be dull and too one dimensional.

dragon Ball Super Broly Release date
Some fans believed that we might even see Goku vs Yamoshi or a Universe 6 Saiyan or even a Saiyan who might have been asleep for all these years. This movie would see Broly becoming a Canon character, although there isn’t really a definitive canon in the Dragon Ball Universe.

Apart from that, I’m looking for a lot of good things as well in this movie. Shintani’s work is right up there with the best among the lot.
dragon Ball Super: Broly
We do have a good number of excellent animators working on this new movie. So, at least the animation is going to be great in this movie.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Will See Broly Getting Rebooted

Toriyama also made sure that the character Broly would get rebooted for the movie. So we may see a different Broly in the movie, one who doesn’t just scream ‘Kakarot’ and destroy things in his path. I just hope and indeed expect that the Dragon Ball Super: Broly lives up to its expectations.

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