Hey guys! In this post, I’m going to state the connection between Aokiji-Smoker-Dragon. This is based off a famous fan-theory. So sit back, and enjoy!
Smoker was raised by a Pirate, to set sail to the seas and be a Pirate.
20160701201319As a child, Smoker wanted to be a Pirate. But along the way, Smoker’s sense of justice didn’t let him be a Pirate. Instead, he believed that the marines are the just side and wanted to change the world by joining the marines. Smoker was then abandoned by the Pirate and he found company in the form of two other people East Blue – Kuzan (Aokiji) and Monkey D. Dragon.

As they grew up, all of them dreamt of changing the world and making it a peaceful place by guarding it against all evil.



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