The Origins of Dracule Mihawk, World’s Greatest Swordsman


Hey guys! Ever wondered about Dracule Mihawk and his origins? Well, Today, we’re gonna go deep into Dracule Mihawk’s past with this Fan-theory. Enjoy

Mihawk is the son of the former first mate of the Pirate King, Silvers Rayleigh and Shakki.

It’s been known that Shakki quit being a Pirate more than 40 years ago; Dracule Mihawk is 43.
Mihawk is based on Dracula, and the only substance that can kill a Dracula is ‘Silver’.
The word Dracule means,
‘Son of the Dracula’, and Rayleigh is called the ‘Dark King’.

It is also a widely known fact that Mihawk and Rayleigh are both Swordsmen.
Both of them even own similar coats.


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