Dr Stone anime is being praised quite a lot due to its awesome story and very good animations. Dr Stone episode 4 was hands down the best episode of the show so far. In this episode, we got to see a new smoke signal and the team of Senku was not certain about the signal being from someone else other than Tsukasa.

But for science, they could not neglect the signal. As soon as Senku lit up the fire, Tsukasa knew their location and rushed to the place. Here he found Yuzuriha and took her captive. He used her as bait in order to get the reviving formula from Senku, after he got the formula he asked Senku to drop all his ideologies and part ways with science and join him but he refused to part ways with science.

Tsukasa told him that they could have been friends is situation turned out to be different. Taiju arrived at the scene but it was too late as Senku was down by then. Now, let us talk about the spoilers of the new episode.

I will be discussing the new episode spoilers from now on so if you do not like to read spoilers then it is humbly advised to stay away from this post. Dr Stone episode 5 will surely be an awesome one.

Dr Stone episode 5 Spoilers

In this episode we’ll see Taiju tossing up a huge rock to distract Tsukasa and Yuzuriha will throw gunpowder at him while Tsukasa kicks the pot of gunpowder the stone came crashing down which will cause an explosion.

This will provide an opportunity for Taiju and others to run. Tsukasa will think he definitely killed Senku as he thinks he crushed his spine. Taiju will figure out that Senku has some stone part remaining near his neck where he forced Tsukasa to hit him.

Taiju will use the resurrection formula on this part and Senku will come back to life. In this way, Senku will be resurrected in Dr Stone episode 5. Dr Stone episode 5 is titled “Stone World The Beginning”. Dr Stone episode 5 release date is 02 August 2019.

Shinya Iino is the director of this awesome anime and so far he has done a perfect job. Yuichiro Kido is the writer of anime while the studio producing anime is TMS/8PAN. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding Dr Stone episode 5 spoilers. I certainly am looking forward to the new episode.


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