Much awaited Dr Stone anime premiered last week and it was every bit of good that we all expected it to be. Dr Stone episode 1 was simply awesome. In this episode, we got to see who Senku is and who Taiju is. While Taiju was about to propose Yuzuriha but just as he was talking to her a light appeared and all humans were turned into stone. 3700 years passed on and by coincidence, Senku and Taiju were converted back to normal humans.

Both of these characters started working on a formula which turns the humans back to normal. After a lot of time finally, the duo was able to turn the stone back to living beings. They tested this formula on a bird and it finally worked. Now, coming to the spoilers of the upcoming episode of Dr Stone anime. In the upcoming episode of Dr Stone we’ll see Taiju all excited as now they have the cure to finally rescue Yuzuriha.

As the duo approaches Yuzuriha and Senku moves to rescue her Taiju will stop him as he thinks that she is naked and they need to take her back to the camp and dress her up first. Taiju will take her on his shoulder to the camp but on their way to the camp, some huge lions will attack them.

Dr Stone episode 2 release date

They will stumble upon the stone statue of Tsukasa who is known for his super strength. Then Senku will use the potion on Tsukasa out of desperation.

Tsukasa will come back to life and uppercut the biggest lion and send it crashing into a tree. This will save Senku and Taiju’s lives alone with Yuzuriha’s stone statue as well. Taiju will be very impressed by Tsukasa’s strength but Senku will be wary of his strength as he will think that he might also prove to be a hindrance if Tsukasa’s intentions turned out to be different from the intentions of what the intentions of Senku.

In the upcoming episodes, we’ll get the see what the intentions of Tsukasa really are and Senku’s fears will soon come true when Tsukasa will destroy the stone statues. Dr Stone episode 2 release date is 12 July 2019.

Please do not entertain the unofficial sources from where one can watch this episode from and make sure you watch the anime from official sources only. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding Dr Stone episode 2 spoilers. So, let us see how things unfold in Dr Stone episode 2.


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